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Ratings Definition

We base the star rating on three criteria: content, organization, and navigation.

Content: how much information is provided?
- low on content and/or low on number of merchants listed; not regularly updated.
- content and number of merchants listed is plentiful; updated regularly.
- more information than you might know what to do with, but that's a good thing; updated daily.

Organization: how well is the content organized?
- content is scattered or not in alphabetical order on the page(s) causing the visitor to have to read the through all information.
- content is at least listed in alphabetical order on each page.
- content is organized in alphabetical order by category and/or merchant name.

Navigation: is the content easy to get to?
- content is buried three or more clicks away; non home-site links do not open into a new browser window; broken links.
- content is at most two clicks away; non home-site links open into a new browser window; no broken links.
- content is right up front or just one click away; all links work the way they're supposed to.

Rating Example: a site gets two-stars for content, three-stars for organization and one-star for navigation: 6 stars divided by 3 categories = overall rating of 2.

We base the star rating on one criteria: activity.

- this forum has very little activity going on; the discussions may offer new information but usually don't.

- this forum has a little more activity and the disussions offer useful information.

- this forum is a pretty jumpin' place; it's continually active with new discussions and feedback on current ones.

We know, price comparisons don't truly qualify for hot deal web sites but they're handy little devils for finding the best price. Agree?

So these sites are rated on things like how quick it is and how many online merchants are represented in the search findings.

Do we listen to you? Yes, we do. We're taking an honest look at your rating input on the sites listed on Dealz Connection. We'll do some head banging and perhaps increase [or decrease] a site's rating.

We just wanting to let you know that we don't consider it our job to be slammin' someone else's web site. We put the star ratings there so people will know which sites we think are optimal for finding hot deals and coupons. Hey, mr. bargains web site owner, we're not coming down on you! We're just sayin' that maybe there could be a better laid out site, easier access to the info your visitors went there for, more current information. You know? Take the challenge! If you build it they will come.

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